The Museum Mill in Schermerhorn receives both individual visitors and groups.

In addition to the mill, the complex consists of a visitor center and cinema.

A miller is always present during the opening hours of the mill. The film in the screening room lasts about 10 minutes.

Groups can use a cup of coffee or tea, soft drinks and a snack in the visitor center. Due to the stairs in the mill, a visit to the mill is less suitable for people with walking difficulties or who use a wheelchair.

There is ample parking space in front of the Museum Mill. Parking is free.

De Museummolen works together with other sights and accommodations in the area. For tailor-made arrangements you can contact us via

T: +31 72 303 02 46

We are happy to think along with you about how a visit to the Museum Mill is best suited to the wishes of your guests.

Opening hours
Click here for the current opening hours

Outside the regular opening hours and in the winter season it is also possible for groups to visit the mill. For rates and more information, please contact

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