The Schermer Molens Foundation is a public benefit institution (ANBI) and since 1-1-'12 a cultural Anbi. As of '12, donors of cultural Anbi's have an extra tax advantage in the form of an expanded gift deduction.

RSIN number: 007807508

Contact details:
Schermer Mills Foundation
Noordervaart 2

Board composition:

  • Noor Ney (chairman)
  • Sebastian Talsma (treasurer)
  • Agnes de Boer (secretary)
  • Ruud van Lier (marketing & PR)
  • Joop Krul (museum windmill and residents' affairs)
  • Nadia Kreuger (education)

Supervisory Board

  • Aldert Pilkes (chairman)
  • Kim Hollenberg (legal advisor)
  • Simon Rider

Chamber of Commerce extract
Additional functions of directors
Policy plan 2019-2025

Reward Policy:
In the position of miller-administrator 2 employees are employed.
Desk employees, cleaners, maintenance employees and voluntary millers can claim a volunteer allowance. In addition, board members and members of the Supervisory Board receive no remuneration.


  • The maintenance of windmills, which are protected under the Monuments Act, which have cultural-historical values in close connection with their biotope and are located in the municipality of Alkmaar.
  • Managing and operating a visitor center with a museum section, with the theme of four hundred years of water management in the Schermer polder.
  • Promoting the maintenance and, where possible, the restoration of the drainage system of the De Schermer polder.

Report of the performed activities:
The activities mainly consisted of maintaining and operating 15 mills and 2 homes in a financially and economically responsible manner, as well as the operation and management of the visitor center.

Annual report 2020